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2000 Master Wang Old Tree Liu Bao


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2000 Master Wang Old Tree Liu Bao

Calm and grounding heicha from old tea trees


Produced by family Wang in Guangxi. This family has gone the alternate route of not selling his leaves to the bigger tea factories in the region, but produces their own tea with the help of neighbouring farmers in a co-op format.
This tea is harvested from around 100 year old tea trees in year 2000 and has been aged in Guangxi ever since and has thus developed much in complexity over time. Bigger leaves and stems are used, therefore the taste is wider and calmer. Reminding of grains like wheat and barley. Letting one feel relaxed and centered.




Brewing guide



Rinse, I - 1min, II - 1min, III - 2min




Guangxi, Hiina

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