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2000 Yiwu Gushu sheng puerh

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2000 Yiwu Gushu sheng puerh

A beautiful semi-aged wild-growth raw pu-erh from the famous Yiwu region - sweet, hot honey, pleasantly buzzing

A Shunlinhao tea factory production using leaves from the extremely remote Guafengzhai village deep in the Yiwu mountain range. Wild-grown leaves with that classic Yiwu taste, and aftertaste of hot honey. It's taste is sweet, not strong but its effects, as usual with Yiwu teas, is felt somewhat later; they give you a light feeling of being a bit high, of buzzing with pleasant energy. This was processed following traditional techniques, a hand-made tea from start to finish.






 Loputus, I-25sek., II-20sek., III-35sek.





Yunnan, Hiina

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