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2002 Ai Lao Zhuan sheng puerh

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2002 Ai Lao Zhuan sheng puerh

Sweet and smooth, distant and a bit shy!

Raw (sheng) puerh from 80-100 year old wild growth bushes in Ai Lao mountains in Wuliang, China, around 2000 meters above sea level. After harvesting in 2002 Spring, the tea was compressed into little 100 gram bricks (zhuan) - the tight compression means that the tea has aged slower compared to many others from the same era, but the extra time is worth the wait. Sweet and smooth, yet a bit distant or even shy, lets say.



Brewing guide



Rinse, I - 60sek, II - 45sek, III - 90sek





Wuliangshan, China


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