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2004 Haiwan "Old Comrade" shou puerh

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2004 Haiwan "Old Comrade" shou pu-erh

A nicely mellowed out and smooth shou pu-erh that still packs a punch!

Haiwan from Anning county, Yunnan, was founded in by Zou Bingliang who used to be the manager of Menghai tea factory and is credit as the co-founder of modern shou pu-erh production techniques. „Old Comrade“ is one of their main trademark cakes, our tea was made in 2004 and it has mellowed out nicely into a smooth yet strong, dark and satisfying pu-erh


Brewing Tips



 Rinse, I-60sec., II-60sec., III-120sec.




Yunnan, China

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