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2016 Bingdao Golden Flake shou puerh

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2016 Bingdao 'Golden Flake' shou puerh

Smooth, sweet and silky!

The leaves for these 100 gram mini ripe tea cakes (shou bing cha) come from Bingdao high-mountain range in Mengku region in Lincang, Yunnan. Bingdao translates to "Ice Island", the name is derived from the specific cooling sensation, a slightly minty afterbreath that teas from this area are well known for. The tea was harvested Spring 2016  - for this bing, young buds and small leaves were picked, giving it a more intense, energetic, sweeter character that is more active in the mouth and has a creamy and thick mouthfeel.


Brewing guide



Rinse, I - 1min, II - 1min, III - 2min




Mengku, Yunnan, China

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