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2016 Tieguanyin oolong, autumn harvest

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2016 Tie Guan Yin oolong, autumn harvest

Classic amongst light oolongs. Floral, light-to-medium body.

One of the best known and sought after rolled oolongs from Fujian province, China, Tieguanyin translates to "Iron Goddess of Mercy" after a popular Buddhist saint. Lightly oxidized, floral, said to resemble an orchid bouquet. The tea soup is bright, clear, light yellowish green.
Compared to our 2017 spring harvest, this Tieguanyin is somewhat more oxidized, has a heavier body and more nutty notes and is calmer in terms of energy.




Brewing tips



I - 1min,  II - 30sec, III - 40sek-1min





Anxi, Fujian, China

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