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2016 Xiaoya Liu Bao

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2016 Xiaoya Liu Bao

Light, sharp and raw flavoured Liu Bao from small farmer Huang

This traditional Chinese fermented "Liu Bao" black tea (hei cha) was produced by small famer Huang in 2016  - the very same who made our 2012 "Roots" Liu Bao - in Xinmin village in Wuzhou county, Guangxi, China. Huang picked leaves from his own tea gardens as well as bought some freshly harvested leaves from neighboring farmers. In the world of Liu Bao, this tea is on the lighter side, was piled (fermented) for shorter period (not as hot and heavy) as many contemporary Liu Baos and is drier, more nuttier, has a lighter body, sharp and raw flavour with hints of forest berries.






Loputus, I - 1min, II - 1min, III - 2min




Guangxi, Hiina

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