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2019 Jingmai "Yougu" shou puerh

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2019 Jingmai "Yougu" shou puerh

The leaves were harvested Spring 2017 in Jingmai area in Yunnan, China as a private order for Yougu tea house in Yunnan, processed and fermented following the 'wo dui' method, compressed into a cake form in 2019 after allowing the leaves to settle a bit. Medium to large leaves and some twigs. Compared with our Yougu Yiwu shou puerh, the tea is thinner in body yet wider in aroma, the tea is of somewhat calmer, quieter character, nicely balanced and satisfying.


Brewing guide



Rinse, I - 1min, II - 1min, III - 2min




Jingmai, Yunnan, China

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