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2019 Kirishima Shincha, organic

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2019 Kirishima Shincha, organic

Strong umami and seaweed tasting early harvest green tea

Handpicked early harvest green tea from Kirishima in Kagoshima. Lightly steamed and lightly heated for drying. Intense, full-bodied, strong umami and seaweed taste. Harvested early April 2019 from Yabukita varietal tea bushes.

Shincha (translated as "new tea") is the first early harvest of the year. It is extremely sweet, with close to no astringency whatsoever, and refined, the latter aspect being hard to overstress.

There's also a poetic sense to drinking the first tea of the year - in a way, it encapsulates beautifully the essence of the quiet period of no fresh tea, it is a time of looking back and reflecting on where we have come from and definitely bears a special place in the heart of the tea lover.

As these teas always come in such limited quantities, they are mostly drunk up locally and rarely reach the Western market.


Brewing tips

200ml / 65C


I - 60sec, II - 10sec, III - 10sec




Kirishima, Japan

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