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2019 Yiwu "Yougu" shou puerh

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2019 Yiwu "Yougu" shou puerh

The leaves were harvested Spring 2017 in Yiwu area in Yunnan, China as a private order for Yougu tea house in Yunnan, processed and fermented following the 'wo dui' method, compressed into a cake form in 2019 after allowing the leaves to settle a bit. Medium sized leaves and some twigs. Compared to our Yougu Jingmai puerh, it is a bit more full-bodied yet narrower in aroma, sweeter with a plum-like fruity aftertaste and a bit more energetic character. 


Brewing guide



Rinse, I - 1min, II - 1min, III - 2min




Yiwu, Yunnan, China

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