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2020 Lincang "Biosphere" sheng puerh

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2020 Lincang "Biosphere" sheng puerh

A touch of Spring!

2020 Spring harvest raw puerh from an organic plantation in Lincang near the border with Birma following an agriculture method that is locally called ’sheng tai’ (literally ’forest grown’). The trees are around 40 years old and are seed-grown, they are left uncut and different fruit trees  and other plants have been planted inbetween rows of tea trees to offer shade and to create an healthy ecology with plants the tea tree likes. The withering has been longer for this tea, giving it a more sweeter and aromatic taste profile that is a bit reminiscent of apples and citrus fruits.



Brewing guide



Rinse, I - 60sek, II - 45sek, III - 90sek





Lincang, Yunnan, China


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