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Ali Shan Gaba oolong

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Ali Shan Gaba oolong

One of our most popular relaxing, mood-enhancing teas!

GABA oolong, one of the nerdiest teas, is named after one of the primary neurotransmitters in human brain that enduces a calm and relaxed state in people. The processing techniques for GABA teas were developed in the early 2000's by Japanese researchers who oxidized tea tea in a nitrogen rich environment ehancing the levels of naturally occuring GABA in tea. We and our clients have found first hand how GABA tea aids sleep, relieves stress and enhances the mood, making it one of our most popular teas. Our GABA is made in Taiwan following the local organic agriculture standards.





Brewing tips



I - 1min, II - 30sec, III - 40sec-1min





Ali Shan, Taiwan




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