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Charcoal roast oolong

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Charcoal Roast oolong

Smooth, deep, satisfying. Masterclass charcoal roast!  

A beautifully crafted, charcoal roasted oolong from mountain Zhu in Nantou county, Central-Taiwan. Charcoal roasting demands a lot of skill from the producer, taking years to master, a great feel for the tea as well as the fire to emerge the tea and roast into one. Our tea was grown 450-500 meters above sea level and bears local MOA organic certification. Exceptionally smooth, full-bodied and deeply satsifying with a roast that leaves you asking for more. Harvested Autumn 2020, Si Ji Chun varietal. Delicate smell of sandalwood, vanilla.



Brewing guide



 I-2min., II-2min., III-3-4min.





Zhushan, Nantou, Taiwan

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