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Da Hong Pao

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Da Hong Pao

Popular amongst all tea drinkers.


The King of Teas is how Da Hong Pao is known in China, and that name does not come easily. Growing in the likely birthplace of black and oolong teas in China, the Wuyi mountains of Fujian, Da Hong Pao has been the most respected of all Chinese teas since the Ming dynasty – legend has it that the mother of an emperor was cured after drinking tea made from certain bushes growing high up on a rock. He ordered that these bushes be cloaked with imperial red robes (Da Hong Pao means Great Red Robe). Six of those original bushes still survive, and a very small portion of tea is still made from them each year, fetching hundreds of thousands of euro for under a kilo. This was the tea Chairman Mao presented to Nixon on his historic visit. Low grades are also available on the market, growing in managed plantations from clones or cuttings. This one here is one of the simple blends from that region and an easy and affordable everyday Da Hong Pao´ish oolong.



Brewing tips



I - 40sec, II - 40sec, III - 1min




Wuyi, China


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