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Four Seasons like Spring oolong

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Four Seasons like Spring oolong

Light, calm, aromatic, scent of gardenias

“Four Seasons like Spring” is the literal translation of the wild tea bush varietal “Si Ji Chun” that developed naturally in Muzha region in North-Taiwan from the Tieguanyin varietal brought to Taiwan from Fujian. The name comes from the high yield of these plants, farmers growing Si Ji Chun would often get several harvest worth of leaves from a single harvest. Our tea comes a bit further down south from Minjian, it was harvested December 2017 – being a winter harvest, the tea is calmer and more subtle, very lightly oxidized and roasted. Flowery, gardenia-like aroma.


Brewing guide



I - 1 min, II - 30sec, III - 40sec-1min




Mingjian, Taiwan

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