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Guangdong "Orchid Fragrance" oolong

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Guangdong "Orchid Fragrance" oolong

Beautifully aged Dancong oolong...

This Lan Hua Xiang, translated as "Orchid Fragrance" oolong was harvested Spring 2013 in Wudong mountains in Guangdong and aged ever since in dry conditions. The plants are around 30-40 years old, Shui Xian varietal. This extra years in storage has smoothed the tea out beautifully, giving it a complex flavour and taken out the raw flavour that many Dancong oolongs have. The tea is sweet, yet has the delicate bitterness similar to foxberries. We are very glad to have found this tea. Limited quantities available.


Brewing guide



I - 1-2min, II - 2-3min, III - 3-4min




Wudongshan, Guangdong, China

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