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Gyokuro Saemidori Premium, organic

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Gyokuro Saemidori Premium, organic

The best gyokuro that we've had in our selection!

Gyokuro, translated as the ‘Jade Dew’ is one of the most sought after Japanese green teas that make up just a mere 0,2% of the overall tea production in Japan. Only the most tender leaves are handpicked from bushes that have been carefully covered from direct sunlight for three weeks to exhibit stress on the tea plant – this activizes biochemical processes in the leaf, creating a sweeter, more delicate tea with an enhanced umami flavour. Organic gyokuro comes from Kirishima area in Kagoshima, South-Japan. The leaves are of the rare Sae Midori cultivar and were shaded for 28 days before harvest. The tea was handpicked and steamed very lightly. It is one of the best gyokuros that we’ve ever had in our selection. Harvested May 2019.


Brewing guide

100ml / 55C


I - 2min, II - 4min




Kagoshima, Japan

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