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Calabash of different style, handcarved, 180-190ml

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Handcarved calabash gourd from Argentina, 180ml-190ml. Bamboo mate straw included.

Before using the calabash, we recommend you to scour it using fresh or used yerba mate leaves. Fill the calabash to the brim, cover the leaves with hot water and leave them overnight. Remove the leaves and scrape the inner walls of the calabash using a metal spoon so to remove the remains of the fruit body which tastes quite bitter. Dry thoroughly in the sun or on a moderately warm radiator. Repeat the process if needed. The bitter taste will dissipate over time as the calabash gets seasoned. Always use only hot water when cleaning the gourd, no detergents. If you use your gourd daily, we recommend switching between two so to allow them to properly dry out. Don't forget to clean out your calabash after drinking so to avoid developing any mold.

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