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Kamairicha Tamaryokucha #1, organic

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Kamairi Tamaryokucha, organic

Hints of gooseberries and redcurrants...

Kamairicha is unusual and rare amongst Japanese green teas as it is pan-fried similarly to Chinese green teas  - that gives the tea a distinct toasty flavour, heavier body and a less of a sharp green bite compared to most other sencha teas. Green tea is known to be cold in nature and Japanese teas are the extreme in that regard - thus we find kamairicha to be a nice more composed green tea to drink during the colder months. Being a tamaryokucha style tea, the leaves are not needle shaped delicacies that we've grown to love, but elegantly round and curly, twisted leaves. Produced in Ashikita in Kumamoto prefecture from Sae Midori varietal bushes.


Brewing guide

200ml / 75C


I - 60sec, II - 20-30sec, III - 50-60sec




Kumamoto, Japan


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