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Kirishima Shincha Sae Midori, organic

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Kirishima Shincha Sae Midori, organic

Complex and refined!

Harvested April 2020 from Sae Midori varietal tea bushes in Kagoshima, South-Japan. Very lightly steamed. Sae Midori is well known for its soft and tender, slightly fruity character and it shines through in this tea. Compared to our Yabukita shincha, the brew is darker green in colour, the burst of flavours is not as immidate but more gradual. The tea is pleasantly refreshing as if standing under the shade of pine trees after a midday rain on a hot summer's day. Organic by EU standards.

Shincha, translated as "new tea" is the very early harvest of the year, usually a week or two before regular first flush sencha harvest. For shincha, only the youngest and most delicate leaves are plucked, very lightly steamed and dried. Shinchas come always in limited quantities and are mostly consumed by the Japanese domestic market.


Brewing tips

200ml / 65C


I - 40sec, II - 10sec, III - 30-40sec




Kirishima, Japan

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