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Kirishima Shincha Yabukita, organic

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Kirishima Shincha Yabukita, organic

Burst of Spring!

Harvested April 2020 from Yabukita varietal tea bushes in Kagoshima, South-Japan. Very lightly steamed. Sharp and pungent, strong burst of umami. Organic by EU standards. Compared to our Sae Midori shincha, Yabukita is more energetic, grassier and intense in flavour.

Shincha, translated as "new tea" is the very early harvest of the year, usually a week or two before regular first flush sencha harvest. For shincha, only the youngest and most delicate leaves are plucked, very lightly steamed and dried. Shinchas come always in limited quantities and are mostly consumed by the Japanese domestic market.


Brewing guide

200ml / 65C


I - 40sek, II - 10sek, III - 30-40sek




Kirishima, Japan

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