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Glass pot "Ku" 450ml

22,80 €


This beautiful teapot gives plenty of room for the tea to unfurl and for you to appreciate its changing colour and texture. This is delicacy and solidity in one. This is a wonderful addition to any kitchen. It has a modern feel but because of the simple, elegant design it works perfectly for any style of decor. Plus, its rounded body allows for an even tea steeping. There is a small ledge near the handle for your thumb which makes holding it more comfortable. There is a small spiral filter inside the spout, so no need for an additional filter. It works beautifully to keep the tea leaves from the cup – even ultra-thin rooibos hardly gets through!

This is a skillfully handmade, heat resistant glass teapot from Japan which can withstand temperatures from below freezing to 105C. More amazing is that it is drip-proof. In our experience, these japanese glass pots are much sturdier than European-made glass pots. They are dishwasher safe but we recommend hand-washing as smaller parts like the cover and filter might dislodge, fall and break inside the dishwasher. Of course, care is needed during hand-washing also – it is glass!


Capacity: 450ml.

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