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Glass pot "Yao" 1,2l

29,40 €


 This handmade glass teapot has a unique, modern design – a large, jagged handle, flat cover and high-placed spout which give it an almost aerodynamic look. It holds a lot of tea without looking bulky. People tend to fall quickly in love with this pot. Of course, the removable glass filter is its most convenient aspect. If brewing flower ball teas, simply remove the filter.

Capacity: 1.2 l.

This is a skillfully handmade, heat resistant glass teapot from Japan which can withstand temperatures from below freezing to 105C. More amazing is that it is drip-proof. In our experience, these japanese glass pots are much sturdier than European-made glass pots. They are dishwasher safe but we recommend hand-washing as smaller parts like the cover and filter might dislodge, fall and break inside the dishwasher. Of course, care is needed during hand-washing also – it is glass!

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