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Master Zhu Red Plum hongcha

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Master Zhu Red Plum hongcha

Long Jing red tea - lively, elegant and soothing!

"Nine Bend Red Plum", Jiu Qu Hong Mei in Chinese is a lightly oxidized, slightly citric, redcurrant and plum-like red tea that is produced from the same tea bush varietal as Long Jing green tea, thus we sometimes like to call it Long Jing Red after the more famous sibling  - however, this style of tea has been produced already from the middle of the 19th century. Our tea comes the garden of family Zhu in Hangzhou Zhuantangzhen, as does our Long Jing tea. The family has been producing tea for four generations now dating back to Qing dynasty. The name Jiu Qu Hong Mei refers to the nine bends of the beautiful Qiantang river than flows by the historical tea producing areas.



Brewing tips

200ml / 95C

3 g

I - 1min, II - 1-2min, III - 2-3min





Hangzhou, China


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