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Matcha tea 70% dark chocolate, organic

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Here's a dark chocolate matched with delicious Japanese green tea called matcha. Two very healthy products have met and created a beautifully working harmony!

Saveurs et Nature - a passionate family business from the small village of Saint Supice le Verdon is West France. Their secret to producing amazing chocolates is a high content of cacao butter mixed with less sugar, avoidance of lecithins (which are widely used in todays chocolate industry) and of course... the use of 100% organic components. This chocolate has been produced specially for us and is only available at Chado!

Even a small piece is enough to fill the palette with flavour. After smelling it (its volatile oils start the taste experience), break off a piece and let it melt on your tongue. Let the multiple layers of flavours unfold in their own time and enjoy its long-lasting taste. Indulge anytime, or serve alongside other specialty foods and drinks, like fine cheeses or Calvados, Porto or Shiraz red wine, or fresh fruits like wild strawberries or raspberries.

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