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Matcha Ikigai 30g, organic

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Matcha Ikigai, organic

Simple everyday matcha!

Ikigai translated into english means "a reason for waking". The powder is surprisingly fine and vibrantly  green,  thanks  to  the  careful  grinding  of  the  teas  and  the  bush  variety  Minami  Sayaka,  which  is  a  good  basis  for powdered tea, even though the leaves for this tea were taken from the 3rd flush harvest. Since  leaves  from  the  non-shaded  3flush  harvest  were  used,  there  are  of  course  more  bitter  tasting  components  in  the bouquet of the Ikigai compared to the higher quality matchas from the Morimoto teagarden.




Brewing tips


1-2 g

Whisk until foamy!





Miyazaki, Japan

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