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Naive Porcini Mushroom Dark Milk Chocolate 20g

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According to Domantas Uzpalis, head chocolatier at Naive Chocolate, this patented flavour combination leaves no-one feeling indifferent. Combining wild porcini mushrooms which he often collects by himself in the deep forests of Lithuanian countryside, with velvety dark milk chocolate using a specially engineered method resulted in a WOW-experience was invented completely by accident. The creamy bar has sweet truffle-like flavour with just a hint of malt. The earthier, more savoury notes from the porcini are balanced out by the rich milk chocolate. The result is thus not too sweet nor too savoury, with a beautiful balance between the different ingredients.

As Uzpalis puts it, “Why not take a little forage yourself and embrace your adventurous side!”

Ingredients: cacao, sugar, cacao butter, grass-fed milk powder, wild porcini mushrooms. May contain traces of nuts, sunflowers. Cacao min. 62%.

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