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Old Growth Da Hong Pao

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Old Growth Da Hong Pao

Dark, roasty, old-growth tea full of vitality. One of our favourites!

A dark roasty oolong from Xingcun village, Wuyi mountains, harvested and processed by family Zou. The tea bushes are quite old, 60 years and above - which is considered quite old for the tea tree varietals in Wuyi - thus the name "Old Growth". Over the years, we have found these style of old growth teas to be the best, having a strong, vital energy and outstanding taste. Zou's bushes are planted together with different fruit trees  - as tea is a sensitive plant, this gives a slightly fruity touch to the tea. An absolute favourite! 



Brewing tips



I - 40sec, II - 40sec, III - 1min





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