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Old Growth Dancong "Ya Shi" oolong

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Dancong 'Ya Shi' oolong

Old growth Dancong oolong from 60-70 year old bushes

Originating from Wudong mountains, Guangdong province of China, Ya Shi translates to "Duck feces" and is one among many local varietals of tea trees that are produced to fall under the common denominator "Dancong oolongs". Old Growth, 60-70 year old bushes. Light, fruity.

There are several legends as to why this tea is called such a name, one being that the local farmers, upon discovering the merits of this tea, tried to keep away any unwanted attention by giving it an unpleasant nickname, one another story refers back to the light brown, yellowish colour of the local soil.

Dancong is often described as a doppelgänger amongst teas due to its ability to closely imitate the aroma of different flowers and fruits. These charcoal roasted, slightly twisted leaves offer a light to medium bodied tea that is mild, sweet, exquisite and very nuanced. Yields many steepings.


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I - 40sec, II - 40sec, III - 1min




Guangdong, China

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