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Palo Santo wood

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Palo santo (’holy wood’, bursera graveolens) is native to central and south American and is in the same family as frankincense and myrrh. It has a sweet, ancient, woody aroma and has been used for centuries by shamans for smudging (clearing a space of negative energies by the use of smoke). High quality palo santo sticks are made from ethically-harvested, naturally-fallen trees after they have lain 4-10 years. Only then do the aromatic oils start to form. It is a truly magic tree whose energies can improve your life!

USAGE: For smudging, briefly light the end of the stick and once it is burning, extinguish the flame. The rising smoke can then be blown around a space or onto oneself/another. It can be lit many times and will last for a very long time. Its smoke also repels mosquitoes! This stick can also be enjoyed unburnt, placed in a clothes closet, car, or just kept close to you.

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