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Palo Santo essential oil "El Positivo", 5ml

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Palo Santo essential oil "El Positivo", 5ml

Palo Santo is a tree growing mainly in South America, long considered sacred and used since ancient times with great respect and reverence. The Palo Santo tree has a lifespan of about 40 years and then dies off. For premium quality aroma-therapeutic essential oil the naturally fallen wood remains 10 years additional to cure before being steam distilled. Only wild harvested trees that have fallen naturally are used for making this essential oil.

The calming and grounding properties of Palo Santo essential oil make it ideal for enhancing meditation, chanting or to make spiritual connections.  As a smudge/incense/stick, people use palo santo to clear an area of negative energy (versus sage, which tends to completely neutralise an area of all energy, like hitting a reset button; palo santo appears to just clear out the negative. Use on palm, or anywhere on skin; in aroma lamps; blended with other oils, just for a quick sniff here or there...


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