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Palo Santo "Shaman's Dream"

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Palo Santo "Shaman's Dream"

This Palo Santo is especially special, because it comes from a single old trea and was harvested in the  traditional ceremonial fashion in Corrales Tumbes, Peru.

Palo santo (’holy wood’, bursera graveolens) is native to central and south American and is in the same family as frankincense and myrrh. It has a sweet, ancient, woody aroma and has been used for centuries by shamans for smudging (clearing a space of negative energies by the use of smoke). High quality palo santo sticks are made from ethically-harvested, naturally-fallen trees after they have lain 4-10 years. Only then do the aromatic oils start to form. It is a truly magic tree whose energies can improve your life!

USAGE: For smudging, briefly light the end of the stick and once it is burning, extinguish the flame. The rising smoke can then be blown around a space or onto oneself/another. It can be lit many times and will last for a very long time. Its smoke also repels mosquitoes! This stick can also be enjoyed unburnt, placed in a clothes closet, car, or just kept close to you.


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