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Clay Gaiwan

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A gaiwan (also called chung or zhong) takes the place of a teapot as an infusing receptacle. Developed during the Ming dynasty, it is still very common in China and is extremely comfortable to use. One simply puts the loose tea in, pours in the hot water and after the correct infusion time pours out the tea keeping the cover almost closed. It can be used for all teas. One tends to use shorter infusion times as a larger amount of tea is placed in a smaller amount of water (for ex, you may still use 3g of loose tea but only using 100ml of hot water will shorten the infusion time to, say, 30-45secs). Flicking the lid to move the tea leaves during steeping is perfectly acceptable!

Any kind of tea can be infused in a gaiwan, though it is most often used to brew oolongs. When the tea is ready, simply move the cover a few millimeters so that a small space appears between it and the rim, and with one hand lift up the whole gaiwan placing your thumb over the cover and your third and fourth fingers under the saucer. Turn it over and your tea is served! In China, one frequently sees people drinking their tea directly from the gaiwan, using the lid to block tea leaves from entering the mouth.

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