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True Dong Ding oolong

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True Dong Ding oolong

Undisputed gem of our oolong selection!

A traditional style Dong Ding oolong that is more heavily oxidized than most contemporary ones. The word "Dong" refers to the icy and slippery paths that the tea pickers had to climb to reach the tea trees in Lugu, "Ding" refers to the action of straining ones calves. Our tea comes from the original location of Dong Ding, Lugu township in Central-Taiwan. The tea was grown 750 meters above sea level and bears local MOA organic certification. Harvested Spring 2020, Qing Xin varietal. Very complex taste profile, woody and sweet flavour slightly reminiscence of nutmeg. A must-try for the lovers of the art of oolong!





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I - 1min, II - 30sek, III - 40sek-1min





Lugu, Taiwan

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