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Teadrinking events for everyone!

Humans sitting together in peace. 
Bowls of tea between them, steam rising slowly into space. 
There is mystery and magic in the air...

Teeline is a group of people dedicated to offering guests a calm state of being through the ancient wisdom of drinking tea in a peaceful, meditative state.

We gather on Friday evenings, we sit and we drink tea. We speak when there is something to say.

We continue a thousands-year-old tradition of people gathering to drink humanity’s most-loved beverage. The tea we serve is wild-grown, living, powerful, and flowing with nature’s energy. It is prepared and served with presence, awareness and respect. Often, the tea answers in kind.

Each of us who serves follows as best we can a tea tradition which has its roots in ancient shamanic and Buddhist practices, in meditation and in the art of gong fu tea (tea preparation done with skill and mastery). This tradition is less about show or performance, as the modern Chinese „tea ceremony“ has become, and more about preparing the tea as the wise ancients would prepare ’medicine for the soul’.

In our evenings, we offer a chance to enjoy the rare gift of simply ’being’, as well as an opportunity to learn about the world of tea in a relaxing, friendly atmosphere.


Something interesting for business clients or large parties!



(ideally for 30-300 people)

Guests get to blend their own Christmas tea blend or other kinds of blends, and take 100g of it home with them! As an addition to a large dinner/party gathering, this has proven to be a lot of fun for participants – it is hands-on, interactive, smells great, and they get to take home something of their own creation!

We set up a large area with approximately 20 bowls of different teas, spices, herbs, all labelled, and everyone receives mixing bowls and a mixing spoon. With simple instructions, they choose a base tea and blend in whatever other flavours they like. At the end, we help them pack and label their bag. We are also there to help answer questions, make jokes and help people create something delicious they can enjoy for weeks to come.

We come to your event space for this.

Fee: contact us at teashop (ät)  and we will find a fair price for you.




(minimum 2 hours)

We set up an atmopsheric corner within the larger space where your event is being held, set up floor sitting spaces for up to 8-10 persons, and throughout the duration of the event, people come and go. For as long as they like, they sit down, separate themselves from the event for a few quieter moments and are served some powerful tea, and perhaps light snacks.  People can either enjoy some time for themselves, share a more private talk with someone in a cozy atmosphere, or learn about tea!

These are very popular and welcome additions to almost any kind of party as they provide a totally different atmopshere to enjoy within the context of an ongoing event. There is no performance here; people arrive and leave as they please.

We come to your event space for this.

Fee: contact us at teashop (ät)  and we will find a fair price for you.



(ideally for up to 25 people, about 2.5 hours)

For those who wish to gift their employees something more meditative, this more reflective experience allows people to set aside their worries and busy-ness for a deep trip into the tea world. Sitting on the floor, people share powerful tea, silence, music and wise words about the benefits of quiet space in one’s life, and how tea can be a supportive, meditative companion in this! Magic happens when people are given the space to be – be!

While this is not a party atmosphere, fun is allowed, and very often in the questions-discussions which follow, there is a lot of relaxed laughing.

If you have no space for this, we can likely arrange one.

Fee: contact us at teashop (ät)  and we will find a fair price for you.




(ideally for up to 8 persons, up to 2 hours)

An intimate tea ceremony for a small group of people! Perhaps employees are looking for something special to gift to their boss/managers? Perhaps managers are looking for something special to offer a small group of key employees?

A meditative tea ceremony is performed in a more intimate space, with more room and time to have a Tea Journey, as well as to ask questions about the benefits of this kind of tea tradition.

We can come to an office or home for this, or likely arrange a space for this we well.      

Fee: contact us at teashop (ät)  and we will find a fair price for you.

Transport costs are free but any rental charges will be added to the bill (for example room rent)


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