Heicha (translated as "black" or "dark tea") is a group of fermented tea with a rich history in China. As a precursor/granddaddy to shou puerh, these teas carry somewhat similar characteristics to the latter, however have often a discernable, Chinese medicinal taste and are sharper in mouthfeel than shou puerh teas. In traditional Chinese medicine, heicha has often been used as a medicine for throat problems. We found these teas to be of great help centering and relaxing people into their natural ways of being. We also love to call them 'heart opening teas' for subtle softening they create in hardened emotional states. Different regions in China produce their own heichas (for example Liu Bao comes from Guangxi, Liu An from Hunan and Anhui etc) and these teas differ from one another both in processing as well as taste and effect.