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Some tips for a beginner in tea

Welcome to the world of tea!


Welcome! If you are just starting out in the vast world of tea, our recommendation is to take some time and find out what it is you are looking for in a tea. Whether tea should be a refreshing and tasty drink or a comforting companion on an internal journey. A good starting point is our „Back to the roots“ set which contains an oriental tea bowl, a tea that can be easily prepared in such a bowl and an article about the tradition of bowl tea. We find it to be a great starting point for a beginner who wishes to get to know the world of tea and its essence.

Finding a tea for you


If you are new to tea, we encourage you to pick a tea according to your taste (quite often sweet and fruity) and one tea which you have never tried before – in this way there is always excitement about something new and perhaps this new tea could be just the right one for you. Feel free to ask for recommendations or samples of teas that interest you. We are always there for you, either an e­mail or a phone call away. We feel that it is always essential for people to drink teas which are free from harmful chemicals and grown in a sustainable manner. We will do everything in our abilities to ensure all of our teas follows these guidelines and will continue to do so in the future.

Tea accessories


When starting out you can use whichever teapot or strainer for preparing tea. In our expertise, the best tea is made with clay tea pots and the true tea spirit is found within handicraft wares, but there is no need to bother yourself with all this when only starting out. You can choose a bowl tea set – all the secrets of tea are held within simplicity and using this set will lay a great foundation for continuing ones journey in the world of tea. You can use your grandmothers old Soviet style porcelain tea pot or a strainer which you like (as long as these are made out of quality materials and have enough space for the leaves to open). When starting out, nothing more is needed than an interested and enthusiastic approach – only time will tell where tea will lead you.



When preparing any tea the most important component is your own approach. If you are busy and forget the tea steeping for too long, then the brew will be harsh and perhaps even undrinkable. We often hear people saying that they don't enjoy green tea as it is too bitter. Our response is that most of the quality in the brew is in the preparation – as long as the leaves are of high enough quality. If the brew turns out to be too bitter, then most likely the water temperature as well as the steeping time were wrong. Thus is it best to follow our guidelines written on the tea packages as well as your fine tuned intuition. In this way, you will always get the best cup of tea!


Enjoy the teas and please share with others.


If you have any questions, please ask us or come to our tea events. Find more information here - Teeline teanights