Casual Classic Teas

Here are ten selections we’d regard as classics of the tea world. Teas to think of as part of a daily routine. Teas that appeal widely to many people and which are helpful in almost any circumstance from a quiet tea break with a friend to a large birthday party at cake time. For anyone new to the tea world, these are great places to start and give a great sense of the range of tastes and flavors offered to us by the Camellia sinensis plant...

Ceremonial-Premium Teas

Teas from small-scale farms; teas from older or wilder trees; teas which are rare due to their age, limited accessibility, production style, or craftsmanship. These are teas which truly reflect tea as an art, tea as being among the planet’s finest offerings, delicate treasures offered by pure environments and processed by pure hearts and skilled hands. With these, depending on how you prepare them, tea can become a life experience and go beyond being simply a fine beverage. Experience what nature has to offer you!

Energizing Teas

While everyone reacts to different teas in different ways at different times (tea is a living, biological being, and like you, it has its mood swings!), these teas tend to provide an energetic boost, to clear mental fog, a lift so we can step forward with more clarity, focus, determination - and from a centre of calm!

Nighttime Teas

You’d love a warm cup of comfort come evening but don’t want to disturb your sleep. Different teas will have different effects on different people at different times (tea is a living, biological being, and like you, it has its mood swings!) but these have tended to be the teas and herbs people really appreciate in the evening, to help emotionally wind down from their busy days. Any of the teas and herbs in our Fruit and Herbals sections will be caffeine-free, but consider these specifically...