Yixing clay teaware

 Yixing teaware is so famous that many people try to get rich by selling fake ones. But if you have held one true Yixing pot, then you can forever know the difference between real and fake. Since clay is a porous material, these teapots season more readily, and in China, some connoisseurs will pay a small fortune to acquire seasoned pots once owned by tea masters. There is a legend that tells about an Emperor who walks by an old farm house. Suddenly a heavenly tea aroma fills up his nostrils and without any further thought, rushes into this house. The kind farmer offers him some tea, he drinks a cup, two, then he stops and asks: “ where did you, poor farmer, get this expensive tea?”. Then the farmer answers: “ I cannot afford to buy any tea, your excellence, I only have this pot which was used by my great grandfather, grandfather and my father. I only pour hot water in here and enjoy what it gives me.” Our tea master's master says that in the world of tea pots, 'there is yixing clay and there is no second'. Once you have truly fine tea served gong fu style from a high quality yixing pot, you shall know with all your body and spirit how this is true. Read more about Yixing clay pots on our blog and come and cover the selection in our old town store!