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Charen tea space is dedicated to the study of Cha Dao, tea as a means for self-cultivation. We are located in historic limestone and red brick building in Tallinn Old Town Uus street 11, just next to Chado tea shop. Charen translates to "tea people" - this term is widely used across East-Asia and encompasses tea lovers in their different forms, from the farmer to the drinker. You can read more about the workshops and tea ceremonies we hold here If you are interested about the tea tradition we are following, please click here.

Tea houses have historically always been a meeting point for different viewpoints and ideas. We are renting our 30 square meter hall which is perfect for small groups and teams, courses and talking circles, meetings and seminars. In the same apartment, there's also a 16 square meter massage and therapy room that can also be renter separately or in addition to the main room. Read more about the massage room here.

We offer...

  • 30-square-metre hall

  • 20 seating pillows and blankets

  • 6 chairs and tables

  • small Bluetooth speaker

  • a selection of teaware (above the sink) and

    Chado high-quality teas to serve on spot

  • Kasari spring water

  • a kitchen with basic kitchen accessories,

    refrigerator and stove

We expect in return...

  • We expect you to be responsible for the space during the use and to hand it over in the same condition as you received.

  • Smoking indoors and being under the influence of alcohol and other narcotics is prohibited.

  • Since this is a residential building, playing musical instruments and loud music is not allowed out of respect for our neighbours At 10 PM, silent hours begins. If you don't think your instrument's interfering, contact us.

  • Please be careful when using the dishes for making tea on the spot (on the shelf above the sink in the kitchen) – many of them are delicate. Teaware is to be reimbursed in the event of an accident.

  • The organisers of the tea ceremonies are asked to create their own 'chaxi' - a tea stage - not on the carpet, thereby avoiding smearing the carpet. If possible, use a wooden base.

  • Please make sure that all windows are closed and also the backdoor in the kitchen is locked.


25€ + VAT / one hour

20€ + VAT / per hour if rented for 3 or more hours

125€ + VAT / entire day

The price includes 30 minutes before and after the reserved time for preparation and cleaning.
Keys can be picked up from next door at Chado tea shop Uus 11, Mon-Fri 12-18, Sat 11-16. If these times do not suit you, please let us know.
Return the key through the letter opening of the front door. Permanent tenants have their front and back door keys.


  • Main hall bookings
  • Massage room bookings

This calendar shows when rooms are already occupied. Press on the event to see the end time!

Within Charen there operates also a massage studio with a separate kitchen entrance, you can read more about it here.

To know if the massage room is in use during your planned event,

check the calendar below:


teemaja (ät)

Steve Kokker +372 5566 9157

Timo Einpaul +372 5865 2172

Parking information

Parking in front of the house in Europark (EP61; 2,50€/30min),

on the street under the conditions of the Old Town (0,10€/min).

Euro parking at the end of the new street (EP133; 1,50€/30min),

Hotel Metropoli at Europarkla (EP5; 1,25€/30min),

cheapest Europark Ahtri 3 (EP42; 0.70€/30min; less than 10 minutes away).

Free parking in Kalamaja Niine, Vabriku, Kopli Street after Telliskivi street. crossing - 12-15 minutes walk away.

More info: 

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