Genmaicha green tea with rice, organic

Genmaicha green tea with rice, organic

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Mild, warming, nutty

Genmaicha is an exciting green tea of Japanese origin, as unique in look as in flavour. It is a blend of sencha green tea and puffed and roasted brown rice. The tea was historically drunk by poor farmers to add volume to their tea as they couldn’t afford finer, pure teas. It was also a favourite of soldiers or people recuperating from serious illness as a way of getting extra nutrients with their tea. Legend has it that it was invented in the 1400s when some grains of rice from the shirt sleeve of a servant accidentally fell into his master’s cup as he was pouring tea - and the master was pleased! Like most things about tea legends, we’ll never know if this is true. But we do know that people love the nutty, warming tea, one which has very little amounts of caffeine. EU-certified organic.

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I - 2min, II - 3-4min, III - 4-6min


China, based on a Japanese recipe