Ali Shan GABA oolong

Ali Shan GABA oolong

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One of our most beloved calming teas!

GABA refers more to a process than a subclass of tea. Intriguing and unique in that tea leaves are placed for a time in nitrogen (vs a usual oxidation process in, of course, oxygen), which increases the concentration of GABA (really: γ-aminobutyric acid) in tea leaves. GABA is an amino acid naturally occuring in the tea plant (and in our bodies) and decreases neuronal activity and along with that anxiety. This novel processing method came out of 1980s Japan, and is also popular in Taiwan. People often feel mildly calmed by this tea and find it suitable for drinking in the evenings. Due to its novel processing, its taste is also of a completely different nature than others - thus, it offers a chance to expand one’s taste palate! Produced according to Taiwanese organic standards.

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I - 1-2min, II - 2-3min, III - 3-4min


Ali Shan, Taiwan