Bergamot oolong

Bergamot oolong

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A burst of citrus happiness, this is a good mood in a cup.

Oolong is so delicious on its own, it’s rare that a flavoured version adds anything worthy. This is one of those rare gems that takes an already-excellent tea and improves it by blending in another taste. Bravo! We know bergamot is what gives the classic Earl Grey its flavour. This blend doesn’t taste much like Earl Grey though as it uses the actual dried peels and not an extracted flavour. Hailing from Mingtian in Taiwan, the tea is produced according to Taiwanese organic standards. Perfect as a mood-booster anytime, it’s also great for cooling down during the hot summer - or try it served as ice tea!

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I - 1-2min, II - 2-3min, III - 3-4min


Mingjian, Taiwan