Master Hongmei Tieguanyin oolong

Master Hongmei Tieguanyin oolong

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The world's most classic oolong; delicate, aromatic and refreshing, it delivers its promise!

Tieguanyin is likely the world’s most popular, best-known oolong tea. Its home is the Anxi country in China’s Fujian province and it gets its name (which means ‘Iron Goddess of Mercy’) from a legend about the Buddhist Goddess Guanyin. This tea was made under the guidance of Master Hongmei Zhan, a fifth generation tea farmer and the first ever female teamaster in her family line.

 Tricks of the trade... and a few more over here! 200ml/90C
I - 2min, II - 2-3min, III - 3-4min


Fujian, China